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Massage therapy has always been one of my favorite forms of self care, that extends far beyond the surface benefit of relaxation. As an active and relatively accident prone youth, I damaged my body in ways that I am paying for as an adult, with chronic pain from old injuries. While I have always understood the importance of balance, the benefits of lymphatic massage supersede mere relaxation and actually assist in rebalancing the body through strengthening the lymphatic system, your body's regulatory metabolism.

The skill of Patrick Lane as a therapist and healer is unparalleled. From his knowledge of the body, both the lymphatic and muscular systems, he is able to bring about the realignment of ones body on a multifaceted plane, and offer true healing from the inside out. Having received massages for healing and relaxation from various therapists all over the world over the last 20 years, I am over the moon to have discovered Patrick. I have since introduced family and friends to him, suffering from a wide array of symptoms- post-cancer treatments to depression to post surgical pain- all of whom have shared they love Patrick's massages as much as I do!!! I would recommend his treatments to anyone in need of healing, be their pain of the mind, body or spirit....he addresses all of the above, and a rebalancing that encourages internal harmony❤️

- Jo-Lee Mansfield

This will serve as a personal and professional reference for Mr. Patrick Lane

I am a 66 year old male who moved to Charleston from Atlanta 11 years ago. An avid sailor, skier, biker and active sportsman, I brought several injuries to Charleston that I have been treated for by the best physicians in Atlanta, where I was introduced to the head of each department and treated by MUSC's best doctors without lasting success.

I arrived in Charleston with soft tissue damage to my lower back and degenerative discs in my neck. Both were diagnosed as life-long problems without a cure, that could only be treated with physical therapy and pain-killing drugs that I would need to take every day for the rest of my life.

At 53, I refused to start on a lifetime of medication and found physical therapy only relieved the discomfort and pain temporarily. I met Mr. Lane in 2007 by chance when seeking relief through massage at a local spa. He questioned me about what I was trying to achieve, my medical history and general health. When I made him aware of my back injury, pain and limited mobility in my neck, he suggested a therapeutic regime, lymphatic massage as an alternative.

I had no idea what lymphatic treatment was. I was highly skeptical. As a card-carrying Republican I gave little credence to alternative medicine or treatments offered outside the medical norm, but since nothing seemed to work agreed to see him every two weeks for a lymphatic massage.

The results were remarkable. After each treatment, I had less pain. The increase in mobility was dramatic, improving with each treatment. After eight sessions with Mr. Patrick, I regained full mobility of my neck and complete relieve from pain. I had a similar experience with my lower back, although it took a bit longer to achieve a similar result.

After the initial treatment period in 2007, I saw Mr. Lane intermittently two or three times a year for treatment. During this period both my neck and back remained free of pain, mobility limitation and have been so for almost 10 years.

While under Mr. Lane's care, when I went for my annual physical (Jeffery Akhtar @ MUSC), Jefferey asked me what I was doing differently. My blood tests indicated improvement in every marker of health including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc. I made him aware of my treatment….Jeffery's response "I don't know what that is, but whatever you are doing, keep doing it".

I have been free of pain and mobility issues for the last eight years without medication. I recently returned for treatment as the tightness in my neck returned after sleeping on a new pillow. He has been treating me weekly for 6 weeks with improvement each session.

As a skeptic of alternative medicine, I consider Mr. Lane a gifted healer, someone who helped me find better health in general, a release from constant pain and a return to full mobility specifically. He is highly skilled, sensitive, caring and has much to offer the medical community.

I am committed to doing whatever I can do to bring Mr. Lane's skills and the impact of his gift to others; happy to meet or speak by phone if I can be helpful in securing a venue for growing his patient base.

- J Richard Speer

Hello my name is Laurie Bird, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in New Orleans Louisiana at this time. I began training one on one tutoring with Patrick Lane in Hawaii on the island of Oahu in 1992. I did private training with Patrick and also took two six week courses in Lymphatic massage from him. I incorporate what I learned from Patrick in every massage I perform. I would say the Lymphatic technique I learned from Patrick is the foundation of my style and assists in all of the many modalities I have learned and woven into my practice. Patrick is very innovative, there were things he taught me about the Lymphatic System that have been discovered and proven to be true over the years since I learned them from him. I have studied various other methods and techniques of Lymphatic Massage, each had its merits but none other have anywhere near the level of results as what I learned from Patrick. Performing Lymphatic Techniques on my clients I have been able to get what my Clients, their Doctors, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors have said are amazing results that they had never before seen from any other Massage Therapist in the World, these things have been said repeatedly over the years. Profound I know but very true, and many times. Every clinic, Doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist Office and Spa I have worked at, my bosses have told me they hear those things from my clients more than any other Massage Therapist that had ever worked for them and as a result I have always had more returning clients requesting me in their history. I have also worked in an office with five Oncologists and gotten these results on Lymphodema, and scar tissue, helping clients to retrain their Lymphatic System, with a series of sessions and sharing with them daily techniques to perform at home to at times resolve or manage and reduce Lymphodema greatly ongoing. Also all the clients I worked on going through Chemotherapy had reduced to greatly reduced discomfort and systems.

Patrick Lane in my opinion is a very unique, innovative, educated, experienced, kind, caring, professional man, Therapist and Teacher. My greatest regret is he is so far away, but am very blessed to have met him and had him as a Mentor and Colleague, also to have the opportunity to continually contact him many times for his assistance, insight and opinions with various clients conditions and issues.

Anyone would be very fortunate to have him as a Therapist, Colleague or Employee.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (504)621-8220.

- Laurie Bird
Licensed Massage Therapist

I learned about lymph drainage in the 1990s while living in FL. When I moved to SC in 2009 I was fortunate to find Patrick Lane, a massage therapist who specializes in manual lymph drainage.

I love Patrick's lymph drainage massage protocol, and I believe that receiving this type of bodywork on a regular basis has been extremely beneficial for me. Not only does it help me detoxify, but it also seems to enhance my immune system so I am better able to fight off cold and flu viruses. Plus, as a health-care professional who sits all day long, I have had concern about the lymph nodes in my lower body clogging up. Getting regular lymph drainage massage helps keep my lymph system flowing smoothly. It's an exceptionally enjoyable gift I give to myself regularly.

Patrick is an exceptionally skilled, caring, professional therapist. I can hardly wait until my next session with him!!!

- Roxann A. Hassett, LPC, NCC
EMDR-HAP Facilitator
Approved Consultant in EMDR

I am a 66 year old dental assistant who has been employed for 15 years, I am on my feet all day , all week. In the years past I had other jobs that required many hours standing up. In my younger days I was a avid horse rider that had many mishaps and accidents that contributed to my condition. I was dealing with extreme pain in my hip and pelvic region that radiated down my leg into my knee and foot. This issue had been going on for sometime limiting my range of motion effecting my working and recreation activities on a daily basis. The Orthopedic doctor after x rays offered as options; physical therapy, pain medications and lastly surgery if it didn't improve. I followed through with the physical therapy, anti inflammatory drugs, tried chiropractic treatments for a year and continued with yoga, with no relief. By a wonderful accident I found Patrick Lane. His assessment, advanced stage Pelvic Inflammation Dysfunction ( PID), and with his professional advice with the understanding of the lymphatic system and how it relates to PID and treatment; Lymphatic Muscle Isolation, (LMI), supplements, exercises targeting my inflamed areas and proper supportive shoes I finally began to feel relief allowing me to continue working and enjoying my outside activities without pain.

- Sheryl E Browne

Because LMI is a unique massage treatment focusing on the lymphatic system I decided to see Patrick Lane several times. I felt the lymphatic work along with its natural alignment to the muscular and the skeletal system made a lot of sense to me considering how the body functions as a whole. He reported to me that he finds the toxic areas to detox to improve vascular and lymph circulation. I was interested in getting more out of a massage with the additional lymphatic system focus.

I would recommend him for any massage business and know that he offers something not found elsewhere in the Charleston area.

- Molly Valerio, MA, MSW, LISW-CP, BCD, EAS-C, MUSC-EAP
Comprehensive Psychiatric Care Specialist (CPCS)
Medical University of South Carolina

Dear Patrick,

Just a brief note of thanks and appreciation for your care of this old body and spirit. Your magic hands, knowledge and comforting personality were therapeutic and you are the only regret I have about my relocation. Your treatments were especially helpful during the year of my hip and knee replacements and were the main reason for my speedy and full recovery. Please continue your passion for helping people and their health care.

Again, thank you for all help and best wishes for continued success.

-Nick Zlatar,
Hall of fame, U.S. Olympic Soccer Coach


Dear Patrick,

I want everyone to know of the complete transformation in my life that has come about from the wonderful, and so far as I know, unique method of deep lymphatic drainage that you have developed. Towards that end, I'm writing because I feel the more people who know about your work, the larger the group of people who you can help. So this letter will be in the third person, as of course you already know my history and I want other people to know it too.

I was in Hawaii a few years ago teaching some classes in Aromatherapy using therapeutic-grade essential oils. I'm a licensed Clinical Nutritionist in the state of NY, and use these oils widely but not exclusively in my work. Through this class I met Patrick Lane, who is always interested and open to new ideas.

Just meeting him I was impressed and asked my hostess on our way home about him. After she had told me a little about his work I asked her if she thought he could help me, as I had had knee injuries about 50 years before which has taken a toll on my back and legs over the years, so that I had trouble walking well and had accepted regular chiropractic visits as a way of life.

As a result of her description I made an appointment with Patrick for the next day; at that time he lived and had a practice in a town about 3/4 hour from Honolulu.

I had about 4 days before my flight was due to leave for my home in South Fallsburg, NY, and after my first session with Patrick I booked an appointment for every day and rented a car so I could drive there.

I felt so much better from these sessions I cancelled my flight so I could continue these treatments with him - and then I cancelled my flight again!

My pain level was so much improved and my difficulty in walking was almost not there, even though I still had severe L5 wearing and no cartilage in my right knee, with the bones wearing each other away. This was an amazing experience for me, and one which I did not think I would ever be able to experience!

When I returned back to my home and practice I could not stop telling people about Patrick Lane, and twice arranged for him to come to South Fallsburg to work out of my office for 2 weeks with my clients and family, who are now again begging for me to have him come again! Fortunately he now lives in the Continental US, in Charleston, SC, so it is a much easier trip!

I don't know how to describe what he does. I know it is "deep lumphatic drainage", but completely different from any lymphatic drainage I, or anyone else I know, has ever heard of. I think it is also the most effective body work I have ever known. There is nothing about his work or him that I cannot fully and wholeheartedly recommend. My cleints also feel the same way!

I'm truly recommending him for any grants or practice that will help more people to reach him for the same kind of help we have so greatfully received!


Nandini Weitzman, CCN, BRCP(Eng.)

PO Drawer 1092, South Fallsburg, NY 12779  845-434-2408  [email protected]


March 19, 2007

To whom it may concern:

I have been both a student of Patrick Lane as well as a client receiving therapeutic massage after gastric cancer surgery in 1999. I found his system of massage, in addition to lifestyle and dietary changes, greatly enhanced my healing quickly while reducing stress immensely.

I became a liscensed massage therapist myself in 2001 and in May 2004 I completed 42 hours of training in Patrick's system of lymphatic massage.

I highly recommend Patrick and his expertise as a healing massage therapist and encourage your support as well.


Lanette Bindu Van Camp